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Global News Aruba 

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Norberto Tjon Ajong

Editor in Chief


Investigative News Reporter

Global News Aruba

Editor NSBT 10/27/18

" The compassionate Aruban Human Race must heal and be reborn again in the previous One Happy Island Mindfulness,

in order to survive in a World full of hate and division within their own Nations "

by Norberto Tjon Ajong-Diaz Granados

Editor in Chief

Global News Aruba

The Aruba community of today lives in fear and insecurity, on an island that people from all over the world come to seek a different standard of living even if its for less than a weekend away from their own life on life terms situations back home. 

The unprecedented crisis of a South American nation just a few miles away from the Aruba coastal territory called "Venezuela" validated thousands of people to migrate elsewhere, such as Colombia, Peru and even Aruba by boat and or foot. For they flee their hometowns from a civil unrest never seen before in this Century in South America due to Government Corruption and a standoff between Government Administrations for the sake of control of crude oil reserves and demand for power at no matter what cost to their own population is rising all over the world as it has been the last years in the middle east region. 

Now many within these migrant group seek a better home and life in Aruba by using any means humanly possible to cross the waters from Venezuela into Oranjestad, Aruba.

Our planet is facing factual scientific proven Global Warming due to " Climate Change / higher planet earth temperatures." This event has caused stronger hurricanes battering coastal cities and torrential rains in many major cities worldwide, causing devastation in all nations affected by it.

Even more, climate change affects the quantity of food and weather normality necessary for the growth of vegetation and all food production in dire need for the survival of the entire human race. 

Climate change has affected World Economies as does bad administration by politicians in their governance of their country, with unpatriotic hunger of power and control all across the board without compassion for others yet more and only for themselves. 

Better said, we are not only affected by Climate Change but by bad selfish government officials with their hunger for power and control of their communities for the sake of money.

The long standing Global Economic Crisis in all our planet's continents have affected world stock markets and economies. In turn, this affects smaller capital cities which are dependent on either tourism or other service industries for economic survival and which small cities in those small countries which imports mostly all of its food products and were utilities for the sake of the continual existence depend on moderate crude oil prices. One example is the case for the Aruban Population with its crucial dependence on Fossil Fuels in order to convert ocean water into drinking water, the most expensive way to create healthy drinking water for the survival of its population.

Now we ask ourselves. "How can the people on this Aruba Island survive as the World walks in again a Cold War between the United States, China and Russia. 

A world of today were global terrorism threats come at you from every corner of the world ?? and as I said before with its longstanding Global Economic Crisis, with Climate Change Issues, Civil Unrest Worldwide and a New Cold War ?. "

How does one survive without being in fear and remain happy with a World were Nations are in civil unrest and high rime rates and a controlled media by governments. Is Aruba going to be a copy cat of the world or have its own identity as it used to have before ?? " the one happy island no matter what."

Civil unrest within the United States itself has become to a point that the " Left and Right War Politics, and its very own Political Views Groups and members have formed their jihad extremist groups to prove their point upon one another.

So what should Aruba leaders do?? Keep doing what it has for the last decade(s)? Wanting to be something that looks good yet gives bad results?? Turning an island's Oranjestad and St Nicolas into a major city with High Rise buildings with elevator music and highway roads connecting its small towns on a very small island ?? The copy cat of larger nations by Aruban Leaders have made Aruba loose its own identity it once was known for the : " we are ONE HAPPY ISLAND no matter WHAT GOES ON in the entire world" by leading in example and walking the walk.

Industrialization of a small town has certainly not worked for Aruba at a high set pace without having control of what it all brings.

It has certainly not worked for the island Aruba. 

Industrialization at a fast pace in Aruba brought with it a rapid influx of legal and illegal immigrants and placing its own Aruban Human Race at risk.

For some in Aruba it seems that having money, control and power that those three things can make you look " Cool and Important like a shining rock golden star" with the ability to walk on beachfront waters.

How can I, you or we give something you or we ain't got ?? 

The one Happy Island sales pitch to foreign tourism marketing targets in other countries used to be " The Truth Before " and should become "The Truth Again."

To me the old saying that " Money cannot buy Love " is not just a made up story for the sake of making one up, yet to me its based upon a human experience between men and women who both create a family, children and an entire society and nation proving that " Money is Not Everything" or the ONLY PRIORITY for the human race survival and its society at large.

The present petty rivalry between politicians, business owners fighting for a territory on the beach front and neighbors is not working, and should hopefully come to disappear by us Arubans reminding ourself again that Aruba is a " Happy Island with Happy People " that does not need to copy cat big cities and big nations with a society within a society hungry for money and power in order to prove itself.

Norberto was born on the island of Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean. He was raised by his Mother Eloisa Diaz Granados a History Arts Teacher from Santa Marta Colombia who was the most influential person in his life growing up. His father Siegfried Tjon Ajong was a Crown Prosecutor from the Netherlands stationed in Aruba, and later continued as a private attorney for large Oil Companies in the Caribbean and as he was private practice for The United States Consulate based in Curacao the Netherlands Antillies. His father was also an appointed notary public and Judge of the Supreme Court in both Curacao and in Aruba. During World War II his father Siegfried Howard Tjon Ajong who was a Short Wave Radio Expert and German Language intel expert decoded the U-Boat transmission in order to avoid the Esso Standard Oil Refinery from being torpedoed numerous times. His father was recognized by the United States Military for his bravery at a function at the Lago Social Club in Aruba. Norberto is a graduate of Nyack College New York, Union County College and Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey and studied Pre Medicine at ST George University School of Arts and Sciences. He has been in the field of Journalism for over 15 years doing a Radio News Program in a radio station based in Aruba Hit 94 FM and worked as an anonymous writer and an investigative news reporter. Retired from freelancing he now dedicates his efforts in journalism as an independent editor in chief of Global News Aruba.